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Press Release- Jaybro Apologises to Global Synthetics Pty Ltd

Jaybro has released an official apology to its client base as they had been plagiarising marketing material from Global Synthetics, including product & project illustrations & technical literature. Global Synthetic’s Australian directors were quoted as stating;

“Global Synthetics has worked tirelessly to build itself into a successful Australian company over the last 11 years. We are obviously disappointed that this new entrant into the market is riding on our coattails by using sections of our catalogue and literature. Global Synthetic’s unmatched wealth of international expertise & success needs to be protected to ensure our intellectual property is not exploited without authority.”

This should serve as an important reminder to the industry that geosynthetics are a highly developed sector in the civil & construction industry. Distributors and manufacturers of these products should prove themselves through significant investment in research & education from the ground up and their specification documentation needs to be reviewed with a critical eye. Hopefully these recent circumstances also demonstrate the need to maintain integrity in a very competitive geosynthetics marketing space.

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