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April Webinar: Reinforced Working Platform – Modified BRE470 Approach  

Large-scale working platforms have become important solutions to infrastructure projects. Geogrid reinforcement is used to reduce the thickness of the platform and increase the stability. NAUE has developed an enhanced model and user friendly software for designing geogrid reinforced working platforms based on large-scale laboratory tests and field verifications with NAUE’s Secugrid® geogrid and Combigrid® geocomposite proprietary products.

Tailings Management with Geosynthetics

Tailings dams need regular maintenance and monitoring to ensure that there is sufficient drainage and the dam is strong enough to contain the mining waste. With the increase in the size of mining sites and the depth of tailing dams, geosynthetics are increasingly playing a vital role in the containment and erosion control of the basal lining of these facilities.

ARMORMAX- Oyster Lake Florida USA

This system was selected because it provides slope stabilisation and erosion control while promoting vegetation. During installation 2,000 sea oats were planted within the ARMORMAX system.

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