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asphalt paving geosynthetic samples

Proper Application of Asphalt Geosynthetics to Achieve Optimal Shear Bond Strength

The Problem Designing geosynthetics for asphalt overlay resurfacings and rehabilitations is challenging due to the diverse variety of asphalt geosynthetics available in the engineering market. Selecting the right product and suitable bond coat rate is crucial to prevent debonding failure and for enhancing the bonding quality, raising concerns about some products acting as a separation […]

Safeguarding St Patrick’s College Sports Field Construction with ProFab® Hi-Vis Marker Layer

St Patrick’s College in Dundas embarked on a project to construct a new sports field for their students. However, during the initial groundwork, a significant challenge arose – the presence of asbestos-contaminated soil. The Challenge Asbestos is a hazardous material that can cause serious health problems if inhaled. Unearthing it during construction posed a major […]

rail project using combigrid

Geosynthetics in Railways

Right across the world, geosynthetics are used to aid in not only the construction of railways but more importantly, to prolong the life of the track and reduce the need for maintenance. Some of the key reasons for using geosynthetics are: Separation / filtration of the ballast and sub-ballast/capping layers. Reinforcement of the ballast Stabilisation […]

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