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2021 Australian Landfill & Transfer Stations Conference- GOLD SPONSOR

Landfills and transfer stations play an integral role in the waste management industry, providing avenues for materials aggregation and separation, resource recovery, and final disposal, as well as being vital during periods of service and economic disruption and post disasters and emergencies.

Webinar Q & A Transcript: Modified BRE470 approach for designing geogrid reinforced working platforms

Q: How about shape factors for bearing capacity? Is it considered in the modified method? Is your model and software limited to cohesive subgrades, or could cover granular subgrade too? A: The shape factor for the rectangular load under the tracks are used as defined in BR470: sc = 1 + 0.2 (W/L) Sg = […]

Byron Bay By-Pass

The Byron Bay Bypass is a major infrastructure project that has been in the planning for over 30 years. Project construction commenced in July 2019 and finished in January 2021. The project opened to traffic on February 27, 2021.

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