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aerial shot of erskine park project

An Innovative Landfill Live Expansion – The Great Wall of Sydney: Erskine Park’s Landfill MSE Wall

Application: Landfill Berm/MSE Wall Product used: Terralink®, AceGrid® uniaxial Geogrid, Pyramat® 75 HPTRM, Secugrid® biaxial geogrid Year: 2022 What is Landfill Live Expansion? Landfill expansion can be either piggy-backing or live expansion. Piggy backing is actually building a new landfill above an existing one after it is capped. Live expansion is increasing the landfill capacity […]

Enhancing Defence Establishment Orchard Hills with MSE Wire Wall System

The Project S&A Contracting Pty Ltd undertook the challenging task of constructing Revetment Walls around the highly sensitive Explosive Storage Buildings inside the Defence Establishment at Orchard Hills. This civil construction project aimed to replace the existing deteriorating Cantilever Concrete Walls with a more robust solution. The Challenge The existing Revetment Walls at the site […]

ocean reef marina revetment prep

Ensuring Structural Integrity at Ocean Reef Marina

The Ocean Reef Marina in the City of Joondalup represents a sustainable initiative to transform a coastal area into a vibrant mixed-use precinct. This comprehensive development aims to establish a world-class marina that caters to a plethora of activities and services. The Project The project includes the construction of waterfront cafes, restaurants, and a wide […]

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