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Global Synthetics is a leading independent distributor and manufacturer of a wide range of geosynthetics to the engineering, construction, landscape & building industries throughout Australia & the Pacific region. Global Synthetics products include Bentofix® GCL, geogrids, geotextiles, subsoil drains, erosion control blankets, wick drains, dewatering tubes and more.

Our qualified staff and experienced engineers have a wealth of experience in providing proven, cost effective solutions to Environmental, Civil Engineering and Hydraulic problems.

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turf reinforcement mat

Propex Roadshow Follow Up June 2019

Resources to assist our clients in regards to the Propex suite of erosion control products.

Geonet Flow Rate

Bi-planar vs Tri-planar geonets: Benefits in landfill leachate applications

Geonets are rapidly becoming one of the most commonly used drainage materials in the leachate collection and removal systems of landfills. This is because they are a cost-effective and easy to install alternative to traditional stone or aggregate drainage collection systems.

Underground Stormwater Collection

How does ProTank® offer a low cost solution for storm water runoff?

ProTank is a unique modular subsurface drainage system designed to collect water at its source. ProTank has the flexibility to infiltrate, attenuate, detain or harvest water for re-use.

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