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Webinar Q & A Transcript: Scourlok and Pyrawall Engineered Bank Stabilisation

Q: Is there some information available on the durability of the scourlok baskets, vs say a typical polymer coated gabion basket wire type solution. The reason for asking is that if the baskets do eventually disintegrate the gabion rocks and geotextile behind would remain, whereas with scourlok the soil will eventually wash away and the […]

Hydrocell Leach Drains for Perth Aged Care Project

Project: Valencia Nursing Home Extension Product: Hydrocell Flatbed Leach Drains (WA Approved) Date: May 2021 Location: Carmel, WA PROJECT BACKGROUND An aged care facility on Perth’s outskirts is undergoing an extension, creating 80 new care units for dementia residents. As part of this expansion project, the nursing home required 600m² underground irrigation for septic effluents […]


Hyden Wastewater Treatment Plant- Miracell®

Project: Hyden Waste Water Treatment Plant Products: Miracell® 100mm Deep Cellular Confinement System and Accessories, Geofirma® AS200B Nonwoven Separation Geotextile Time Period: October 2019 to January 2020 Location: Hyden, Western Australia PROJECT BACKGROUND: The Hyden Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) provides the town of Hyden and surrounding agricultural areas additional capacity to cater for current and […]

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