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Webinar Q & A Transcript Part 1: Designing Composite Liners on Slopes : GCL

Q: In order to avoid water condensation in the GCL, can we open holes in the upslope for the gases to escape?? A: This is not effective nor practical. The evaporated moisture is encapsulated under the geomembrane wrinkle. Wrinkles are connected to each other and don’t have a regular pattern and may not necessarily go […]

Hotel Rottnest- ProTank®

The ProTank stormwater management system was selected to satisfy the more critical hydraulic requirements of the project. Below ground volume and infiltration calculations were the main drivers behind the stormwater design, with attenuation being vital to overflow mitigation.

Ardmore Park- JUTELOK™

Global Synthetics were able to assist by supplying 1250 square metres of JUTELOK™ pre-split heavy jute matting to the site. This was laid after weed control operations and fixed in place using durable 280mm biodegradable retaining pins (approximately 2 pins/m²).

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