Webinar Q & A Transcript: Geosynthetics in Mining & Tailings

Q: With the tubes what do you do with the slurry after the water has drained?

A: Thank you for the question. This will vary depending on the slurry material that has been pumped into the ProTube® product and how it can be used. If you are able to provide further information to: and we can talk through this further.

Q: Can you share some case study applications in Tailing dams? any preference for construction method? upstream, downstream?

A: There are several applications this has been used for from Mining, Landfill engineering and general civil applications. If you are able to send some more information on the application to: and we can send the appropriate material.

Q: Is the ProTube approved/certified under Australian Standard organisation?

A: ProTube® is made from clog resistance, high strength geotextile to both Australian and International standards. If you would like further information please contact:

Q: What is the expected life of the Draintube?

A: Comparative researches have been made between HDPE and PP and the expected lifetime for DRAINTUBE is within 160 years. This is governed by the used of quality virgin material as opposed to recycled materials.

Q: I am working in Alberta (western Canada), and we have very harsh and long winter. Can we use the DrainTube system for other geotechnical applications? such as a tool to drain the trapped water from the gravel sections in rural roadways network, or as a drainage system for soil improvement preloading applications. Also, how we can protect this system from clogging due to frost action.

A: “Good questions. We should run a presentation on these other applications with you. Share your name and I will contact you. Yes, to all the other applications, and no to frost clogging (endoscopic videos available)!

Q: What is your solution to ensure the soil cover over the drain-tube layer will not experience sheet flow erosion when the slope is long and over hundreds of meters with a thin layer soil (about 250mm) cover as vegetation medium?

A: There are several conditions to consider, from continuous water flow to storm events. Equally the gradient of the soil and type of soil you are working with. From this there are Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM’s) that will prevent erosion with the aid of vegetation through to more hard armour solutions. If you would like further information please contact:

Q: Any comment about the improvement of consolidation process in tailing dams using the draintube in foundation?

A: Not yet. No research on this yet but practical feedbacks. There are thoughts about using Wick Drains in partnership with Draintube materials to aid with the consolidation along with the discharge of fluids. This is an interesting topic and would like to discuss this further is possible.

Q: From Environmental lining perspective, can drain tubes replace HDPE in waste landfill lining system?

A: No, DRAINTUBE is a drainage material, not a leak proofing system. That being said, DRAINTUBE FTB is being used in FRANCE is semi-permeable covers where it acts as a drainage system and a semi-permeable layer.

Q:Is Draintube a new technology to Australia or has this been used already within the country?

A: Draintube has been supplied all over the America’s Canada, Europe Asia and Australasia for over 25 years. Within Australia it has been used for Civil, Roads, Sports fields, Landfill and Mining applications. For further information please contact:

Q: Draintube appears to be one directional flow, how do you cope with capping structures?

A: Draintube has a multitude of fittings enabling the product to connect perpendicular to the original design flow which enables it work within the gradients of the site conditions.

Q: How does the installation speed and cost compare to other traditional drainage composites?

A: The installation of DrainTube is similar to that of a geotextile. As such the overlap edges of the geotextile can be joined using a hot air gun, welding or sewn technique depending on the site conditions.

If you have any further questions or would like further information please contact:

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