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Usage & Purpose

  • Enhanced frictional performance
  • Unique interlocking with soil backfill
  • Superior frictional performance to any other conventional geocomposite drainage layer, enabling construction of steeper slopes
  • Provides drainage capacity in both long and cross direction
  • Available in 3 thicknesses (4mm, 6mm and 7mm) to provide adequate flow capacity for specific applications
  • Patented geocomposite drainage layer with specifically designed drainage core to provide optimum frictional and drainage performance for steep slope installations


  • Landfill cap drainage
  • Gas venting
  • Leachate management
  • Groundwater drainage control
  • Liner protection
  • Drainage on steep slopes
  • Cost-effective drainage layer for ground water drainage applications

General Information

Geocomposite for landfill cap drainage, gas-venting, ground water drainage and leachate management. Particularly useful on steep slopes where its core structure offers enhanced frictional performance, whilst providing protection to the lining system.

Product Information

Pozidrain G is designed as a cost effective geocomposite for landfill cap drainage, gas-venting, ground water drainage and leachate management. It is particularly useful on steep slopes where its patented core structure offers enhanced frictional performance, whilst providing protection to the lining system.

Pozidrain G geocomposite has a lattice structure core which offers superior interface friction performance on steep slopes. This has been confirmed in a series of direct shear tests which compared the performance of Pozidrain G against other conventional geocomposites.

Results from these tests show the measured interface shear strength for the Pozidrain G4SD (4mm) geocomposite to be 20% stronger than the interface with other geocomposites. The results from tests on the 6mm and 7mm Pozidrain G interfaces show the increase in shear strength to be even greater.

Due to the manufacturing process and their permeable properties, ProFab® non-woven geotextiles are generally best used in applications of drainage, filtration and separation.

Pozidrain G geocomposite slope

Pozidrain installation

Finished output pozidrain

The patented core configuration in Pozidrain G geocomposite permits cross directional flow and helps mitigate the risk of system failure should the core sustain damage. Otherwise, this is a potential cause of soil saturation, leading to slope failure and is associated with products utilising drainage strips only.

Water flow pozidrain

Pozidrain GSD consists of a patented lattice, cuspated HDPE drainage core laminated between one or two layers of medium weight, non-woven filtration/protection geotextile.

The innovative use of a drainage lattice permits cross flow within the drainage composite. This offers significant advantages over other products that utilise drainage strips, rather than a lattice, within their composition. A further benefit is the lattice core prevents ‘torpedoing’; a problem with products based on strips which makes them difficult both to lay and to handle.

Using this core technology, Pozidrain G range offers engineers and contractors a high performance drainage solution with a combination of high-flow capacity, separation and reinforcement properties, helping address construction issues in many civil engineering applications.


Soil Drainage – Carbon Footprint Saving

The use of Pozidrain G Drainage Geocomposite can save up to 94% on carbon footprint compared with traditional granular soil drainage methods:

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