Making geosynthetic projects more sustainable with Bentofix®

Reducing the impact of your civil construction projects through the smart use of geosynthetics

Increased awareness of the environmental impact of civil engineering processes is leading engineers to seek out more eco-friendly alternatives. Reducing the carbon footprint of your project is simple when you choose high-quality geosynthetics such as Bentofix® and Secudrain®.

Plus – it often works out better for your budget as well.

The benefits of choosing a geosynthetic clay liner

By analysing the entire life cycle of a product and its effects on the environment, we can begin to see how geosynthetic clay liners like Bentofix® provide a much better environmental result compared to conventional aggregates.

Looking at the overall materials and energy consumed throughout the product’s lifetime, Bentofix® comes out way ahead of traditional methods, offering far greater transport costs, a reduction in heavy installation equipment, and less reliance on upstream processes such as aggregate quarrying.

This results in a lower overall project cost, allowing project managers to deliver projects quickly without extensive and costly installations.

The results of choosing Bentofix®: lifecycle benefits in practice

A detailed comparison of energy consumption between GCLs / geosynthetic drainage systems and compacted clay liner/gravel collection systems have been reported on by leading manufacturer Naue.

As an example, a temporary landfill cover project in Germany used a Bentofix® geosynthetic barrier (GCL) and Secudrain® drainage system. A comparison was made to 3 alternative methods including using a drainage membrane, using a compacted clay liner and using a gravel collection system.

In this real-life example, energy use is vastly reduced when a geosynthetic solution is used.

Over a surface area of 32,853m², using Bentofix® geosynthetic clay barriers in conjunction with Secudrain® drainage systems instead of mineral-based materials resulted in an incredible 70% reduction in energy.

The Global Synthetics team is happy to share the detailed data, please contact us if you are interested in a copy of the report.

Save money and get a better environmental result with geosynthetics

The Global Synthetics team is here to help you select the right solution for your project. With high-quality geosynthetics from world-renowned brands, our engineering team can help you achieve the best economic and ecological benefits.

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