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Keeping Slopes in Check

One of the most naturally occurring processes on soil surfaces is soil erosion. The word “erosion” is derived from the Latin “erosio“, meaning to “gnaw away“.  The main agents of soil erosion are wind, water and gravity, each contributing to a substantial amount of soil loss every year.  It is of concern that soil erosion can lead to soil infertility as the top soil layer, containing important nutrients is lost and also loses its ability to retain water.  The effect is the soil loses its functionality and integrity.

There are a number of ways of mitigating or slowing the effects of soil erosion and eradicating its devastating effects. Prevention of downslope movement or erosion and support of vertical or near vertical grades with our selection of degradable and non-degradable Slope Stabilisation Systems:

Synthetic or non-degradable erosion control mats and blankets have become a sensible choice for cost-effective, technically proven, temporary or permanent solutions to promote quick/rapid stabilisation and control erosion.  The Global Synthetics Landlok® and Pyramat® range of synthetic turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) are well engineered, durable products that will provide a quick and cost-effective method of stabilising slopes and channels.  The Landlok® and Pyramat® products are comparable and sometimes superior in function with existing hard armour systems, but achieves all this at about a third of the overall costs of the existing hard armour systems.

MiraCell® is a perforated, cellular confinement system, engineered from HDPE sections for maximum durability and performance.  The cellular configuration   allows for effective protection and resistance to downward migration of slope materials due to hydraulic flow events.  The cell is very effective at retaining or confining soils within the cell structure (i.e. cellular confinement) in applications of cut slopes and also where the natural cut grade cannot support nor promote vegetation.  Imported soils placed within the cell are confined within the matrix and create an improved environment for promotion and establishment of vegetation.  As the soil within each cell is retained and confined, there will be increased resistance against possible movement of soil down the slope.

Erosion & Sediment Control measures that are well implemented keep soil, seed and vegetation in place where it is needed.  Geosynthetic products are an integral part of erosion and sediment control, ranging from temporary products such as hydraulic mulch geofibres, geonettings, erosion control blankets (ECBs), jute mesh and silt fences to engineered, cost effective, high performance turf reinforcement mats (TRMs and HPTRMs), geocellular confinement systems and erosion control geotextiles.

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