How does ProTank® offer a low cost solution for storm water runoff?

What is Protank®?

ProTank is a unique modular subsurface drainage system designed to collect water at its source. ProTank has the flexibility to infiltrate, attenuate, detain or harvest water for re-use.

ProTank can be installed under driveways, car parks, roads, landscaped areas and other trafficable applications. The unique domed webbing profile of the ProTank components provide exceptional strength.

Let’s have a look at Protank in action by examining a case example:  

The low-lying South Golden Beach is located just north of Brunswick Heads on the Far North Coast of NSW. The residents have endured many years of localised flooding of driveways and properties during rain events. Flooding was caused by storm water runoff from Beach St filling the swale drains but was unable to soak into the subsoil.

ProTank modular infiltration units located at regular intervals along the storm water swale drain offered the perfect solution. ProTank  units were pre-assembled  and then wrapped in Profab® AS140 geotextile to provide additional separation and filtration functions. The modular construction method of ProTank allows designers to select the most appropriate number of modules to be stacked on top of each other (up 2.1m high).  The area and shape of the tank is determined by how much volume is required, services and property boundaries. For this project, infiltration surface area was important so the modules were only single height.

To provide an inlet point and to prevent  any rubbish or sediment from entering  the ProTank units, precast storm water pits were connected by pipework in front of the ProTank units.

What to consider when using Protank Underground Storm water Solutions?

By selecting this system council has honoured residents wishes to maintain a desirable streetscape whilst improving stormwater management at a very realistic cost.

The system is working well and has reduced the amount of water collecting in the street during large rain events.

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