Case Studies > Sydney Water’s AWRC Project: A Benchmark in Geotechnical Engineering

The Project 

Sydney Water’s Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre (AWRC) in Kemps Creek marks a significant advancement in urban development and sustainability in Western Sydney. Slated for completion in 2026, this project is a collaboration with John Holland and JK Williams, focusing on the construction of the AWRC and an extensive underground pipeline network. This network, designed to minimise environmental and community impact, will extend across several suburbs, integrating the region’s growth with sustainable practices. 

The AWRC project is pivotal for Sydney, promising a revolutionary approach to wastewater management and recycling. It aims to provide sustainable services and high-quality recycled water, contributing to a cooler, greener Western Parkland City. As Sydney Water’s largest infrastructure investment in the area, it lays the groundwork for a circular economy hub in Parkland City. 

The Challenge 

Digestor Tank Foundation: Initial tests indicated suitable subgrade compaction and moisture levels, suggesting a smooth construction process. However, the unexpected failure to pass a critical stability-proof roll test posed a significant hurdle, necessitating immediate and effective solutions. 

Heavy Machinery Operation: The use of a 240-tonne crawler crane near a 3.6m deep excavation for a building foundation presented significant risks. The crane’s size and weight created substantial static and dynamic load challenges, emphasising the need for meticulous planning and robust support structures. 

Our Solution 

For the Digestor Tank Foundation: Global Synthetics recommended the use of high strength biaxial Acegrid GG200/200, a specialised geosynthetic material, as an intermediary layer. This layer was strategically placed between the replaced subgrade and the initial foundation material, significantly enhancing the foundation’s stability and structural integrity. 

For the Crane Operation: Addressing the challenge of managing the crane’s loads, Global Synthetics devised a temporary works design. Acegrid GG200/200 was instrumental in this solution, minimising localised deformation of the 1.1m thick crane pad and ensuring structural stability. By placing the Acegrid GG200/200 at the base of the crane pad and wrapping it back between subsequent layers, the risk of slip failures was significantly reduced.

Advanced Water Recycling Centre Diagram


Areas requiring use of Acegrid GG200/200

Workers in yellow vest working on Acegrid

Digestor tank foundations (subgrade improvement): Acegrid GG200/200 installed between subgrade replacement and foundation layer 1 for digestor tank foundation improvement works.


The implementation of Global Synthetics’ geosynthetic solutions notably enhanced the foundation stability for the Digestor tank and ensured the safe operation of the heavy crane during critical excavation works. These innovations have been pivotal in the progress of Sydney Water’s largest infrastructure investment in Western Sydney.  

Broader Impact and Future Implications 

The success of these solutions goes beyond the immediate project. They exemplify innovative approaches in construction technology, potentially reducing environmental impact and paving the way for future circular economy initiatives. The AWRC project stands as a testament to the potential of combining engineering excellence with environmental stewardship. 

The Upper South Creek AWRC project, through its challenges and solutions, showcases the power of collaborative innovation in addressing complex engineering problems. The successful application of Global Synthetics’ geosynthetic solutions not only facilitates the safe and efficient completion of this project but also sets a precedent for future construction projects in terms of sustainability and technological advancement. 

Interested in elevating your next engineering project with advanced geosynthetic solutions? Look no further than Global Synthetics. Whether it’s enhancing structural integrity, ensuring environmental sustainability, or navigating intricate construction scenarios, our team is ready to assist. Contact us today to explore how our cutting-edge solutions can contribute to the success of your project. Let’s build the future together!

kemps creek geogrid installation

Finished geosynthetic application of acegrid

Acegrid applicattion

Worker with yellow vest working in acegrid

Geogrid installation for Kemps Creek


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