Case Studies > Safeguarding St Patrick’s College Sports Field Construction with ProFab® Hi-Vis Marker Layer

St Patrick’s College in Dundas embarked on a project to construct a new sports field for their students. However, during the initial groundwork, a significant challenge arose – the presence of asbestos-contaminated soil.

The Challenge

Asbestos is a hazardous material that can cause serious health problems if inhaled. Unearthing it during construction posed a major risk to workers and required a solution to ensure safe excavation and future maintenance. Traditional methods for marking contaminated areas can be unreliable or fade over time, potentially leading to accidental exposure.

Our Solution

Global Synthetics provided a solution that prioritised safety and efficiency: ProFab® Hi Vis Marker Layer. This high-visibility orange geotextile acts as a clear and permanent warning barrier. It’s vibrant orange colouring also distinguishes it from other products that are paler in colour, ensuring clear identification of potential hazards.

How ProFab® Hi-Vis Marker Layer Addressed the Challenge

  • Visual Alert: The bright orange colour of ProFab® Hi-Vis Marker Layer instantly grabs attention, alerting workers to the presence of contaminated soil beneath.
  • Durable Protection: Unlike paint or signage, ProFab® Hi-Vis Marker Layer is resistant to fading and degradation, ensuring long-term visibility throughout the lifetime of the construction project and beyond.
  • Physical Separation: The geotextile creates a physical barrier between clean fill and contaminated soil, preventing cross-contamination during construction and future maintenance activities.
  • Streamlined Excavation: The presence of the marker layer allows for a clear stopping point during excavation, preventing workers from unknowingly entering contaminated zones.

The Benefits of using a Hi-Vis Marker Layer

By implementing ProFab® Hi Vis Markey Layer, our customer achieved a safe and efficient construction process. The marker layer provides a permanent warning system, safeguarding workers, and future maintenance crews from asbestos exposure.

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