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Case Studies > Landlok® 450- Picnic Bay Landfill Rehabilitation

Another success story for LANDLOK® TRM

Planning Phase 2015/2016 — Complete

Design Phase 2016/2017

Construction Phase 2017/2019

Finalisation Phase 2019/2020

The Problem

Townsville City Council has started to rehabilitate the Picnic Bay Landfill site. From May until September 2016; this has involved shaping the landfill and placing a temporary clay cap on the mound to prevent the exposure of the waste via erosion of the landfill surface. The temporary cap had to be protected and stabilised immediately to prevent erosion. A durable system was required due to very high to extreme UV index.

The Solution

Given Level 3 water restrictions in place, council decided to use a durable nondegradable synthetic erosion control matting to stabilise the surface in lieu of the typical grass seeding approach. The synthetic erosion control matting utilised was LANDLOK® 450 Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM). LANDLOK® 450 delivers instant erosion protection and is easier and quicker to install, while grass seeding would require a 12- week water-intensive establishment period.

LANDLOK® 450 Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) features X3® technology that consists of a dense web of crimped, interlocking, multi-lobed polypropylene fibres positioned between two biaxially oriented nets and mechanically bound together by parallel stitching with polypropylene thread. Every component of LANDLOK® 450 is stabilised against chemical and ultraviolet degradation. LANDLOK® 450 TRM contains no biodegradable components.

Being highly resistant against UV, LANDLOK® 450 can be used by itself as exposed for arid and semi-arid areas, or as a turf reinforcement in wet areas to improve seedling emergence and hydraulic performance of the vegetated system by reinforcing roots and stems.

LANDLOK® TRM is a permanent erosion control solution for slopes, drainage channels and waterways and a successful green replacement for traditional hard-armour systems. This TRM is designed to accelerate seedling emergence, exhibit high resiliency, and possess strength and elongation properties to limit stretching in a saturated condition. High tensile strength and resiliency of LANDLOK® 450 makes this product durable during maintenance works such as mowing.

LANDLOK® 450 was installed during September 2016 and will remain in place until the final rehabilitation works on the landfill start in 2018.

If you would like to know more about our LANDLOK® 450 and other Turf Reinforcement Mat products of this family (including PYRAMAT® 25 TRM, PYRAMAT® 75 HPTRM and ARMORMAX® anchored system) or any other products on offer please visit our homepage or you can speak with our experienced Global Synthetics engineers by contacting the numbers below.

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