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Case Studies > Naue Coastal Bags – Indonesia

Construction Date

Indramayu-Cirebon, West Java/Indonesia

Secutex® R 601 Secugrid® 40/40 Q6

General Information
The project ‘Muara Karangsong’ was developed under the Department of Waterway Engineering, Ministry of Public Works, West Java, Indonesia. The previoud design included stones and gabions. As there was a restricted budget stones would have had to be delivered from other areas by using a plenty of trucks, which would cause damages for the current access road.

The choosen system combines the old with Softrock® containers (15,200 pieces). These containers (each with a size of 0.6 m³) were filled with existing soil which is a cost saving solution. The designers also changed the specification of the reinforcement: Secugrid® 40/40 Q6, a high quality geogrid made from interlaced extruded polymer bars with high strength monolithic welded junctions, from NAUE was used instead of a traditional bamboo mattress.

The following system solution was applied: pilling system with wooden piles; reinforcement with Secugrid®; 40/40 Q6; softrock® 601 containers, used as a core of the jetty; stone gabion for cover and protection; sand cover; concrete pre-cast for the access road.

The innovative solution contains various advantages, e.g. a; quick; easy and cost saving installation in half of the time; which shows that a solution using NAUE material can replace conventional designs.

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