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Case Studies > Goulburn Murray Water Channels

The Problem

Goulburn Murray Water (GMW) services an area in excess of 68,000 square kilometres, providing over 1,500 GL (1,500,000,000,000 litres) of water to almost 40,000 customers.  The channels,  which provides the water to these customers encounter losses due to leaks and seepage.  To ensure and maintain GMW’s primary functions which includes harvesting, storing and delivering water, a solution is required.

The Solution

Bentofix NSP4300 and Bentofix NSP4900 high consistency, low permeability, 100% natural, geosynthetic clay liners were used to mitigate the leaks and seepages in the channels.

Bentofix GCL Information:

Bentofix is a shear strength transmitting GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner).  These products consists of a high quality, 100% natural sodium bentonite powder encapsulated between an upper and lower layer of geotextile.  The Bentofix products are continuously needle punched through all components and then subject to come controlled heat treatment such that the needle punched fibres are effectively “thermally locked” in place to obtain high, long term shear strength.


Bentofix GCLs are available in roll form and allows for rapid installation/deployment. The deployment rate is 10-20 times quicker than compacted clay or soil.  Bentofix GCLs are high in consistency, reliable, low permeability, comparatively low cost option against compacted clay.  It’s high internal shear strength outperforms traditional compacted clay layer and ensure uniformity and consistency as a hydraulic barrier.  Bentofix NSP4300 and NSP4900 GCLs were used successfully to mitigate leaks and seepages in the GMW channels for the current works and will be considered for future works.

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