Case Studies > Geocell Solution for Carpentaria Highway Upgrade (Stage 1)

Project Overview

Client: Northern Territory Government, DIPL / Exact Contracting Pty Ltd

The Carpentaria Highway, a vital access road to the Beetaloo Sub-basin, Borroloola, and various key industries including pastoral, tourism, agriculture, gas and mining, underwent a major upgrade in Stage 1. This project involved reconstruction, widening, elevating the road alignment and sealing between Chainage 2km to Chainage 50km. Construction commenced in Q3 2022 and was successfully completed in Q3 2023.

The Challenge

One of the significant challenges faced by Exact Contracting during the Carpentaria Highway upgrade was the timely availability of nominated dumped rockas local material was not available, with the nearest quarry to site was more than 300km away and struggled to meet project demands.

Our Solution

Global Synthetics stepped in to provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for this challenge. After evaluating various alternatives, Miracell® Geocell was chosen as the ideal replacement for conventional dumped rocks. Miracell® Geocell can accommodate either granular or even in-situ soil fill due to its ability to compartmentalise the material & limit loss due to hydraulic & wind-borne stresses.

Exact Contracting had prior experience with geocells, which made the adoption of this solution seamless. Global Synthetics collaborated with the Design & Build Contractor to implement an alternate geosynthetic solution for several low-intensity floodways as part of the Stage 1 upgrade of Carpentaria Highway.

How the Miracell® Geocell Works

MiraCell® Geocell is an advanced cellular confinement system engineered from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sections, designed for maximum performance and flexibility with various depth and cell opening combinations. Supplied in a folded configuration to reduce transportation costs, it can be quickly expanded and installed on-site. The perforated design ensures that each cell remains water-resistant during use. This innovative product effectively confines and stabilises soils, offering solutions for slope and channel protection, load support, earth retention, and more. It is proven to be both a versatile and advanced technology for addressing challenging soil stability problems, whilst also serving as a suitable substitute for quarried stone.

Sustainability Benefits

The adoption of Miracell® Geocell not only provided cost savings but also aligned with sustainability principles in several ways. Unlike the traditional approach of quarrying, transporting, and deploying imported stone, using geocells with in-situ fill significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the operation. This approach minimised the need for extensive transportation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with hauling quarried stone over long distances.

Furthermore, the use of geocells promotes soil retention, reducing soil erosion and sedimentation in nearby water bodies. This not only enhances the ecological sustainability of the project but also aligns with environmental regulations and responsibilities.

Revolutionise Your Floodway Solutions Today!

If you’re facing floodway challenges in remote areas without access to quarries, Global Synthetics can provide the solution you need. Our geosynthetic materials offer cost-effective and sustainable alternatives. Contact us now to discover how geosynthetics can transform your project and discover a smarter way to tackle floodway challenges.

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