Case Studies > ACETex Structural Geotextile for NSW Highway Upgrade

Project Snapshot

NSW RMS engaged a well-known contractor to design and construct the Frederickton to Eungai upgrade which is a major section of the Pacific Highway Upgrade.

The construction project involves building 26 kilometres of four-lane divided road which will link the Kempsey Bypass through to the existing dual carriageway North of Eungai.

The Challenges

A major requirement of this project involved the procurement of high-strength woven geotextiles. These would be used in the construction of embankment support over soft ground, for load transfer platforms, and in embankment support over piles.

Our Solution

Global Synthetics ACETex® Polyester was selected due to its exceptionally high tensile
strength characteristics at low levels of strain. This engineered woven geotextile can be constructed with strengths up to 1200 kN/m. Strains generated at characteristic tensile strength are typically less than 10%.

Being composed of high tenacity polyester fibres, there are low creep strains when subject to high tensile loads. Creep strains of less than 1% at design loads of 40%+ of the initial tensile strength at 120-year design life are obtained.

Global Synthetics worked with the contractor to provide the appropriate documentation and QA information to fully satisfy the project design and the requirements laid out in RMS
specification R67 High Strength Geosynthetic Reinforcement.

In total, Global Synthetics supplied approximately 200,000m2 of ACETex® High Strength woven geotextile in various grades, widths and length rolls. Grade selection was dependent upon the ground conditions and application.

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