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Capturing Storm Water for Re-use

Australia is the driest continent in the world. Water is a precious commodity.

Some reasons for harvesting rainwater include:

• An alternative source for household use such as laundry and toilet use
• Supplementing the watering of commercial and domestic garden areas.
• Cost effectiveness- using less water from a service provider and hence significant potential infrastructure savings in dams and pipelines.
• Providing a water source which has reduced levels of salts and other substances- which can then be used for drinking

Global Synthetics offers a solution for managing this process of harvesting rainwater. Our unique ProTank® modular subsurface drainage system designed to collect water at its source. ProTank® has the flexibility to infiltrate, attenuate, detain or harvest water for re-use.

ProTank is a strong, lightweight, modular system used to capture stormwater runoff for domestic and commercial applications. With its high void ratio (95%), ProTank provides instant unimpeded underground storage during storm thus preventing localised flooding. ProTank’s modular design enables fast, easy assembly to provide improved installation efficiencies. The high strength modules, manufactured using superior recycled resins, make the ProTank system suitable for both trafficable and non-trafficable applications.

The design allows superior infiltration rates when compared with other systems such as arches and concrete soak wells. ProTank’s harvesting function allows permanent retention of large volumes of water at its source, reducing demand on scheme water supplies.”

Advantages of ProTank®:
• Not a new concept but vastly improved features
• Stone not required
• Small footprint & greatly reduced excavation (more water in less space)
• Vastly superior infiltration with up to 95% void space
• Modular profile (variable orientation)
• Lightweight
• Low cost
• “Flat pack” transport efficiencies

For more information on how ProTank® can assist you in your attempts to collect water at its source, please contact one of our consultants

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