Applications for Pyramat® 25

An ideal solution to help prevent scour.

What is PyramatⓇ 25?

Pyramat® 25 is a High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats (HPTRM) that offers a permanent engineered solution against erosion, primarily through providing a layer of permanent reinforcement to the soil until vegetation is fully established.

HPTRMs are typically used in situations where water flows are strong, soils are poor and vegetation is difficult or slow to establish. This includes areas such as moderate flow stormwater channels, banks and steep slopes where both immediate and long term erosion control is needed.

How do High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mats help counter erosion?

When properly installed, turf reinforcement mats have very high velocity and shear stress tolerances, long-term material longevity, and high permeability – all at a relatively low material and installation cost.

They are effective in the environment because they provide a permanent mechanical solution to scour and erosion, adding stability and reinforcement to the soil and speeding up the vegetation process. They trap more seed, soil and water than traditional hard armour products, yielding faster and fuller vegetation.

HPTRMs also have aesthetic appeal and don’t interfere with wildlife or their habitat, making them ideal for sensitive projects.

PyramatⓇ 25 HPTRM Specifications

Pyramat® 25 TRMs use patented X3® fibre technology to trap more seed, soil and water, and provide reinforced vegetation with twice the erosion protection of other TRMs and erosion control blankets. Pyramat® 25 TRMs are available in 1st or 2nd generation material construction.

Our 1st generation TRMs are constructed of a dense web of polypropylene fibres positioned between two biaxially oriented nets.

2nd generation TRMs feature a 3-dimensional woven material construction which allows increased design life over 1st generation netted, fused, glued or stitch-bonded TRMs. This product has a unique patented matrix of pyramids formed with X3 fibres that gridlocks soil in place under high-flow conditions. 3-D woven material with superior tensile strength for loading and/or survivability requirements.

All of our TRMs are made of 100% synthetic, UV stabilised components and are completely non-degradable. Once vegetated, Pyramat® 25 can withstand rapid water flows of up to 6.1m/second.

PyramatⓇ in action: Queensland flood management project

Located 40 kilometres north of Brisbane in the Moreton Bay Regional Council lies the suburb of Burpengary, a semi-rural suburb with a population of around 13,000 residents.

Through this suburb runs Burpengary Creek which generally only has a small amount of water flowing through it, but with heavy rains, this creek can become a torrent with rapidly rising fast-flowing water. Burpengary Creek has broken its banks 19 times since 2009 inundating the nearby Dale St residents on each occasion.

With lobbying from the local federal MP, $5.8 million was secured from the federal government to build an 800m levee bank along the northern side of Dale St. Construction of the levee bank commenced in 2015, designed to keep the water from inundating the Dale St homes. Because the creek was seasonal, it needed to serve as a levee in high water flow times and also be aesthetically pleasing in the dry times.

It was decided that the levee would be turfed, but as the turf had to be laid on the levee walls and top it would need to be protected from high water velocities when in flood.

Pyramat® 25 synthetic High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Matting was the chosen product by the designers. The three-dimensional matting ensured that the roots of vegetation could easily grow through or on top of it, at the same time preventing erosion whilst growth was being established.

Approximately 3500m2 of HPTRM was installed at this site, with an additional benefit of fast and simple installation. Pyramat® 25 was installed without specialist labour or heavy machinery, making for a straightforward project.

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