Revolutionising Geotextile Sand Containers With Innovative Closing Technology

At Global Synthetics, we are excited to share ground-breaking news in the field of geotextile sand containers. Naue, a leading supplier of geo-construction materials, has recently obtained a patent for a revolutionary closing technology that will transform the construction industry. Geotextile sand containers have gained popularity due to their efficiency, safety and sustainability compared to conventional building materials.

Traditionally, sand containers were closed using metal clamps or sewing machines, consuming significant material and human resources. However, Naue’s innovative quick fastener eliminates the need for tools and enables effortless closure in just a few simple steps. This breakthrough solution has now been successfully patented, marking a significant advancement in construction practices.

These geotextile sand containers are manufactured using robust nonwoven geotextile materials known for their excellent tensile strength, optimal elongation properties and durability. With the introduction of this new closing technology, construction projects can be executed in a highly sustainable and economically efficient manner.

One exceptional example is the Soft Rock geotextile sand containers, also referred to as sandbags. These containers, made from needle punched nonwoven filter geotextiles, offer a versatile solution for encapsulating granular material and serve as building elements. They come in various sizes, colours and materials to cater to diverse project requirements.

These containers provide both the filtration and ballast functions, making them an ideal choice for erosion and scour protection systems. With their robust, flexible construction, they resemble the natural coastal and marine environment while delivering outstanding erosion protection. They serve as an alternative to conventional revetment systems with granular filters, rip-raps, and/or armour stones.

One notable advantage of Soft Rock constructions lies in their ability to be filled with locally available sand. This not only reduces costs but also minimises environmental impact by decreasing construction time, material expenses, and transport distances.

Stability under hydraulic load is crucial for long-term erosion control. The lightweight and durable nonwovens used in these geotextile sand containers allow for the encapsulation of local sand, providing an efficient and sustainable solution for erosion control measures.

Furthermore, the roughened surface of the needle-punched nonwovens enhances friction behaviour and reduces sliding between stacked sand-filled containers when exposed to currents and waves. The nonwoven structure naturally embeds sand and sedimentation, creating an additional protective layer.

Additionally, the use of geosynthetics, such as Naue’s geotextile sand containers, contributes to CO2 reduction by replacing conventional construction materials like armour stone, gravel, or sand. This environmentally friendly choice reduces the need for excavation, transportation, and CO2 emissions associated with traditional construction methods.

At Global Synthetics, we are proud to be at the forefront of this revolutionary development in geotextile sand containers. Join us in embracing this transformative advancement and make a positive impact on construction practices and the environment. For more information or to place an order, please contact us today!

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