Propex Erosion Control Products: The Most Technologically Advanced Geotextiles Available

Propex is a leading innovator, developer, and supplier of geosynthetics worldwide. Their products are used in a variety of applications, including erosion control, drainage, and reinforcement.

Propex erosion control products are designed to be cost-effective, technically proven, and permanent solutions to erosion problems. They are also environmentally sensitive alternatives to hard armour solutions.

Propex erosion control products offer a wide range of outstanding benefits. They utilise patented X3® fiber technology, ensuring remarkable UV resistance and optimised performance for prolonged channel and slope protection. These products incorporate either a dense web of polypropylene fibers nestled between two biaxial nets or a unique three-dimensional woven structure, which grants them a tensile strength up to ten times that of rival products.

Additionally, their fibers offer over 40% more surface area than conventional alternatives, facilitating better moisture retention and aiding in the rapid growth of vegetation by efficiently trapping seed and soil.

Propex erosion control products are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to meet the specific needs of each project. They are also backed by the support of Global Synthetics engineers, who can provide full product performance data for Australian applications.

Global Synthetics offers a range of Propex products for erosion control, including:

Propex Geosolutions pyramid

In addition to providing high-quality erosion control products, Global Synthetics also offer a number of software solutions that can help engineers and contractors find the best solutions for their specific projects.

These software solutions include:

Biodegradable Pins

To aid with the environmentally friendly and sustainable solution, Global Synthetics is proud to add all these systems are now supported by Eco-friendly Biodegradable pins, removing the need for adding steal into the ground.

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