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Secutex® Green is a 100% biodegradable, mechanically bonded nonwoven. Due to its certified biodegradability, residues of the product do not harm the environment.

Secutex® Green is UV-resistant. The nonwoven can therefore be used in uncovered applications.


Gardening and landscaping

Secutex® Green can be used in gardening and landscaping under paths for the protection of soils or as erosion protection. At the end of its service life, vegetation and their roots take over the desired filter properties and ensure soil retention.

Temporary road and path construction

Secutex® Green is suitable for separating soils, as a filter layer against unwanted soil particle transport and as a protection layer, especially for sensitive areas such as footpaths in landscape protection areas and nature reserves.

Bank protection/natural watercourse development, coastal protection and scour protection

Behind fascines, Secutex® Green serves to retain soil until vegetation takes over this function. Secutex® Green can also be used as a filter layer between different grain sizes until the roots stabilise the soil. Secutex® Green is also available as geotextile sand container Secutex® Green Soft Rock.

Application Advantages of Secutex® Greenline

  • Remaining onsite or composting after renaturation
  • No entry of plastic into the environment during installation, operation or renaturation
  • UV-resistant


Secutex® Green is suitable for all applications where a temporary solution is required.

Expected service life

The range of applications and the maintenance of the function depend on the site factors such as soil, water and climate conditions of the respective project. As a rule, a service life of three years can be assumed. The product-specific service life depends largely on the biological activity of the environment as the following schematic illustration shows:

Geotextile robustness classes

The industrial production of the fibres and the constant needling process ensure a continuous and reproducible quality of the nonwoven. Therefore, it can be assigned to one of the geotextile robustness classes GRK (according to the leaflet on the use of geosynthetics in earthworks for road construction). Secutex® Green is available in the robustness classes GRK 2 to GRK 5 and in widths of 2m, 4m and 6m.t


SEEDLING Logo confirms the conformity of the product with Euronorm EN 13432, „Requirements for the recovery of packaging by composting and biodegradation“.

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