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Project Overview

Client: Civil Constructions Pty Ltd

The upgrade of Wiley Park Ponds in South West Sydney, aimed to improve environmental quality, visual appeal, and recreational accessibility. The initiative included extensive civil engineering efforts such as the dewatering and desludging of the lower pond, diversion of pipeline works, the construction of a pollution control device, wetland treatment work, pond and pump upgrades, and the creation of new walking paths and landscaping areas.

The Global Synthetics Difference

At Global Synthetics, our involvement in the Wiley Park Ponds project was marked by our distinctive approach, emphasising not just the delivery of high-quality products but also the provision of comprehensive solutions and services.

Here’s how our products and expertise made a difference:

  • Diverse geosynthetic portfolio: We offered a comprehensive range of solutions, tailor-made for the project’s unique needs.
  • Unwavering service: Our commitment went beyond products, providing expert guidance and smooth integration throughout the project.
  • Sustainable focus: We prioritised environmentally friendly solutions, aligning with the project’s green objectives.

Delivering More Than Products

Global Synthetics didn’t just provide high-quality products for the Wiley Park Ponds project, we partnered for success. Our expertise shone through expert advice and guidance during both installation and construction. This proactive engagement went beyond mere supply, ensuring our products became integral to achieving the project’s goals.

Products used in the Wiley Park Ponds project:

  • Gabions and Gabion Baskets: These gabions and gabion baskets were essential for the structural stability of slopes and banks, contributing to erosion control and water management with their flexibility and strength.
  • Geofirma® Non Woven: Implemented for their filtration and separation capabilities, this non woven geotextile prevented soil erosion, underpinning the structural integrity of the ponds and surrounding landscapes.
  • Proliner® LLDPE: This low density geomembrane was crucial for creating impermeable barriers in the ponds, ensuring water conservation, and preventing contamination.
  • ProGrid® PP and Combigrid Geogrids: The ProGrid® PP and Combigrid® composite geogrid reinforced the soil, bolstering the construction of pathways and landscaped areas, enhancing their resilience and stability.
  • Builders Plastic: Applied as a vapour barrier, this film contributed to the longevity and integrity of concrete structures within the project.
  • Jute Mesh: This biodegradable soil saver blanket was pivotal in promoting vegetation on vulnerable surfaces, aiding in natural erosion control and ecological balance.
  • Steel U-Pins: Used to anchor erosion control fabrics securely, these U shaped retaining pins ensured the durability of the installed geosynthetics throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • ProPipe Ag Pipe: This corrugated ag pipe enabled efficient water management and drainage, playing a key role in maintaining the ecological health of the pond area.
  • Coir Logs: These natural coir logs made from coconut fibre, were strategically placed to support bank stabilisation and vegetation growth, enhancing the ponds’ aesthetics and environmental function.

Global Synthetics: Your One-Stop Shop for All Geosynthetic Needs

When it comes to sourcing geotextiles, geogrids, or any synthetic materials, having a single reliable source can greatly simplify the procurement process. Global Synthetics is your go-to-source for an extensive range of products, crucial for various civil engineering and environmental projects. Whether it’s for soil stabilisation, erosion control, drainage systems, or other applications, choosing Global Synthetics ensures you receive top-quality products with consistent performance.

Reach out to us now at 02 9725 4321 or drop us an email at with your detailed product or service needs, and allow us to demonstrate the substantial difference we can bring to the success of your project.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Global Synthetics as your trusted partner.

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