Case Studies > Protecting underwater pipelines with custom Geotextile Sand Containers

The Project

In the aftermath of recent flood events that left a cross river pipeline exposed to potential damage, Global Synthetics received a crucial call for a solution that was not only cost-effective but also suitable for underwater installation by commercial divers. The objective was clear: protect the pipeline from further harm and secure it to the riverbed.

The Challenge

Our customer’s primary concerns were to find a solution that could be manufactured quickly and meet the specified requirements for underwater installation. They were also dealing with an extended lead time from another supplier, which threatened the project timeline set by the pipeline owner. Time was of the essence, and we took on the challenge with determination.

Our Solution

Leveraging our expertise in geotextiles and collaborating with a trusted manufacturing and sewing partner, we delivered an innovative and timely solution. Custom geotextile sand containers were manufactured from our Profab® range of staple fibre non-woven geotextiles, tailored to meet the designer’s specifications.

The dimensions of the geotextile sandbags were precisely set at 8m in length, 1.5m in width, and approximately 0.45m in height. When filled in situ, each bag would provide a substantial ballasting weight of around 8 tonnes, effectively anchoring the pipeline and preventing further movement. To enhance performance during high-flow events, a side flap was incorporated, promoting interlocking between the bags, and offering protection against scour.

Considering the challenging underwater conditions and limited visibility, each bag was thoughtfully equipped with four filling ports. This feature facilitated even and convenient filling, ensuring operational efficiency during installation. The ability to deliver the custom solution within a remarkably short span of one week, from the initial phone call to manufacturing completion, left the customer deeply impressed.

Here at Global Synthetics, our dedication to meeting project timelines and providing innovative solutions is what sets us apart. We strive to address unique challenges promptly and efficiently, ensuring the success of critical infrastructure projects.

If you’re facing a challenging project that requires expertise and a timely response, trust Global Synthetics. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in protecting critical infrastructure and overcoming project obstacles.

Sand Containers used underwater

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