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Case Studies > ProDrain® – Welby Highway Cutting

Construction Date

Welby NSW, Australia

ProDrain® SD200

General Information
The use of ProDrain® Strip Filter Drain is an ideal product for use in combination with stabilisation treatments of cliff faces and steep slopes with shotcrete face treatments. ProDrain® prefabricated drain is supplied complete with geotextile wrap and comes ready for use. ProDrain® provides a positive drainage path for groundwater flows behind the shotcrete face and relieves potential hydrostatic forces that may present long term problems at the face of the stabilisation treatment.

ProDrain® comes in a wide variety of widths- 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500mm wide and a choice of either 25mm or 40mm thickness. The product is laid flat face down on the cliff or slope face and temporarily fixed prior to shotcrete spraying. Suitable end outlets are provided by Global Synthetics to allow efficient water discharge at designed outlet points.

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