Case Studies > Enhancing Defence Establishment Orchard Hills with MSE Wire Wall System

The Project

S&A Contracting Pty Ltd undertook the challenging task of constructing Revetment Walls around the highly sensitive Explosive Storage Buildings inside the Defence Establishment at Orchard Hills. This civil construction project aimed to replace the existing deteriorating Cantilever Concrete Walls with a more robust solution.

The Challenge

The existing Revetment Walls at the site had significantly deteriorated due to their age and the impact of excessive rainfall in recent years. The project required the demolition of these Cantilever Concrete Walls and the construction of new walls with a similar profile. The client faced the challenge of finding a system that could be installed without the need to demolish the existing wall’s thick cantilever slab, thus saving time and money. Additionally, the solution had to provide enhanced safety measures to prevent flying debris during potential explosions.

Our Solution

Our MSE Wire Wall System offers various finishing options, including Natural Stone finish, Shotcrete finish, Temporary (geotextile) finish, and Vegetated finish. Its adaptability allowed it to accommodate curves, angles, and steps, ensuring the desired wall profile was achieved.

To address the client’s challenges, we proposed the MSE Wire Wall System. This innovative solution allowed for the installation of Wire Walls directly over the existing slab, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming demolition. The MSE Wire Wall System consisted of Wire Face elements (Wire Mesh), Grid Strips (Reinforcement), Struts, and Geotextiles. To enhance safety, a 160mm shotcrete finish with additional SL81 mesh was recommended to mitigate debris dispersion in case of an explosion. The system was designed to have a lifespan of over 100 years.

By choosing our solution, the client not only saved significant time and expenses associated with demolishing the existing cantilever slab but also achieved a secure and durable Revetment Wall that met the project’s safety and longevity requirements.

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