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Case Studies > Berrinba Retaining wall

Problem: As industrial land on flat sites throughout the Brisbane area is now in short supply. Developers are moving to sloping sites and creating flat blocks by cut and fill earthworks. When creating these flat blocks the developer is left with vertical cut and fill faces at the perimeter of the sites sometimes up to 10m meters in height. To stabilize these faces a retaining wall is often employed to maximize available building foot prints.

Solution: Segmental Block retaining wall using large Rockblock® facing units and connected to Acegrid® high tenacity polyester geogrid to create a reinforced soil structure wall. This system allows the contactor to build walls to any height using the same facing block units while the strength and length of the Acegrid® can be varied to meet the design requirements of different height walls and loadings.

On this project Acegrid® was choosen by the contractor SEE Civil because of the ease of installation of the flexible geogrid in convenient 4 x 50m rolls. This flexibility of the geogrid means that the geogrid suffers from very little installation damage where it connects to the Rockblock® units compared to more rigid products.

Acegrid® exhibits excellent strength characteristics throughout the life of the wall and will allow the contractor use the most cost effective product to bring the development in on budget.

The other complexity of this project was the blocks had to be fitted over large steel galvanized “I” beans that were needed to support the flexural wind loading of a large sound wall to be installed above top of the Rockblock® wall.

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