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PROJECT DETAILS:                       

Date:                  July 2019

Name:               Ardmore Park

Location:          Ellenbrook , Perth

Products:          JUTELOK™ Heavy



The Ardmore Park development in Ellenbrook, northeast of Perth, included a steep, sandy site at the rear of the residential blocks. The soil was very poor quality at the beginning of the project, and it was clear that the slope would need stabilisation, erosion control and revegetation.



Initially, a 1000 square metre section was outlined for erosion control measures, and other areas within Ardmore Park were earmarked for future treatment. The initial site presented challenges due to the steep gradient and poor sandy condition of the soil. It was clear that a strong, heavy duty biodegradable matting would be required to prevent further erosion and degradation, and to provide a substrate for vegetation.



Global Synthetics were able to assist by supplying 1250 square metres of JUTELOK™ pre-split heavy jute matting to the site. This was laid after weed control operations and fixed in place using durable 280mm biodegradable retaining pins (approximately 2 pins/m²).



This heavy natural jute product covered the 1000m² area with a generous overlap allowance, enabling planting to take place immediately. JUTELOK™ is a biodegradable weed and erosion control blanket that traps moisture to encourage plant growth. It provides stability for vegetation on steep slopes and is made from natural jute fibre that allows water filtration whilst protecting the topsoil.

JUTELOK™ Heavy acts as an excellent weed and erosion control and is designed to extend the period that it takes to biodegrade. The 27 pre-slit rolls supplied for the Ardmore Park development allowed for rapid installation of tube stock plantings.

Global Synthetics JUTELOK™ is manufactured to metric measurements and supplied in a 2m wide roll, as opposed to other 1.83m rolls in the marketplace. This extra width equals fewer overlaps and therefore fewer rolls per job. The Global Synthetics team was on call for advice and on-site support during installation ensuring all involved were able to achieve an ideal result on this project.


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