Advantages of Using Biodegradable Erosion Control Products

Erosion is the process of wearing away lands and structures, by wind, running and falling water, by flow of water and sediment moved along by the water, waves, glaciers etc.  Erosion & Sediment Control measures that are well implemented keep soil and seed in place where it is needed, maintaining the environment without causing siltation issues in harbours, dams and rivers.  Soil erosion can be a significant problem to waterways and the landscape.

Geosynthetic components are an integral part of erosion and sediment control. Products range from temporary solutions such as hydraulic mulch coconut fibres, coconut mattings, erosion control blankets, jute mesh/geotextile to high performance permanent turf reinforcement mats, geocellular confinement systems and erosion control geotextiles.  As we develop a better understanding of how soil erosion works, environmentally friendly products such as organic coir are proving to be a quick and cost effective alternative to this detrimental process.

Coir products (also known as coconut fibre products) and Jute are natural and biodegradable solutions suited to combat erosion control in any environmentally sensitive location. Constructed from coconut fibres, coir  erosion control products provide natural temporary support systems until vegetation is able to establish. Coconut fibres, best known for their high strength and biodegradable nature, making them a great choice for wetlands, protected areas, and shorelines. Whereas Jute is made from jute yarn.

Let’s look at some key advantages of coir products:

1. Durability

Coir’s impressive durability and absorbency makes it ideal to prevent soil erosion. It has high tensile strength, can retain moisture and withstand high wind. In addition,  its sun-resistant capacity makes coir even more suited to the task, mimicking soil itself and doesn’t require removal after. Thanks to advances in soil engineering, coir-based erosion control products now last between 6 and 48 months, which makes combating soil erosion a relatively simple task.

 2. 100% Biodegradable

Biodegradation is the process through which materials can be consumed by micro-organisms in the local ecosystem as nutrients. 100% biodegradable products are preferred for bank stabilisation and revegetation in natural areas and tend to function better than synthetics due to their ability to break down, absorb moisture, and create favourable growing environments for plants.

3. Sustainable Solution

Coir products are made from coconut fibre, which is a byproduct of the coconut industry (an abundant, natural and completely reliable resource); being a naturally occurring product, coir products do not cause any harm to our environment. In selecting our coir products we ensure that they are ethically produced with all the coir comes from organically managed plantations and excess coir husk is returned to the soil as a natural fertiliser.

4. Simple Installation

Coir-based products have witnessed a surge in popularity, as they are relatively easy to install. Most coir-based erosion control products like coir mesh and matting are available in light weight manageable rolls, which makes application even easier.   For steep slopes the rolls are placed from the top to the bottom and they should follow flow rate for swale applications.

5.Cost-effective Solution

At the end of the day, erosion control products like so many other geosynthetics need to be affordable and efficient at the same time. Be mindful and ensure that your chosen erosion control product does not cost thousands and then hundreds to install.  Global Synthetics’ Erosion Control products offer sustainable cost effective solutions that won’t cost you the earth.


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