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What is a Rock Mattress?

Rock Mattresses are a “thin” gabion and traditionally has been used in applications such as creek and channel linings where long term scour is an issue. The confinement of appropriately sized stone within a mesh effectively increases the resistance of such rock to scour for a given flow condition.


Link™ Gabions and Mattresses provide a highly versatile solution of earth retention and erosion protection for designers and contractors in a wide variety of applications. Link™ gabions are typically used for earth retention structures. Link™ Mattresses are used in a wide variety of hydraulic structures.

Link Gabion and Mattress products utilise the latest manufacturing and coating technologies available to produce a highly functional and durable product that Engineers can incorporate into their designs with confidence.

When used in a traditional manner, such as earth retention structures, Link Gabions may be designed as gravity structures where resisting forces are generated by the mass of rock infill within the Gabion product, which are laced together to form a monolithic structure. Link Gabion structures, when designed in such a manner, are most commonly used in cut situations.

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